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Sama Sama Silver was born on April 7, 2016. Sama Sama is the Indonesian translation of ‘You’re welcome’, but ‘sama’ also means ‘equal’. For me, it means that everyone all over the world is equal. With a lot enthusiasm and passion I design the jewelry of Sama Sama Silver for people all over the world. The jewelry is handmade with 925 Sterling silver by Konang, my silversmith. 

With “Sama Sama” I express my appreciation to the customer for choosing my jewelry and to the silversmith who works with care and passion to create my stylish yet sturdy jewelry. I hope to make a lot of people happy with the beautiful, honest and high-quality handmade jewelry of Sama Sama Silver.

All Sama Sama Silver’s jewelry is made by Konang, a professional silversmith with a lot of experience, who works with love and passion. Konang makes beautiful jewelry of 925 silver, the first and highest grade of silver for jewelry. I decided to work with Konang because he delivers great products and through this manner I can support him starting his own small business.

My mission is to provide affordable, high quality, handmade jewelry that’s attractive to a wide audience.  However the jewelry will remain fit to my personal style, which is sturdy but still elegant.

The jewelry of Sama Sama Silver is made in Bali, where I live. I love to show this in my jewelry, that is why every jewelry line of Sama Sama Silver is based on an aspect from Bali. 
And this is also why all the names of the jewelry are Indonesian words or names.

August 6, 2018
All silver jewelry of Sama Sama Silver is handmade by my silversmith in Bali. Bali, a beautiful Island with a spectacular culture and amazingly welcoming people. I now live in……
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December 18, 2017
All I want for Christmas… Christmas is the time a year of giving, that’s why Sama Sama Silver gives away this beautiful new anchor bracelet! Are you a jewelry lover,……
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September 25, 2017
Ara and Siau are the first ring and earrings of Sama Sama Silver! The beautiful ring, which is elegant and unique, is a perfect match with the earrings that are……
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Sama Sama Silver
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