Design your own of jewelry or any other silver product

Sama Sama Silver can produce a personalized piece of jewelry or any other silver product just for you.

Besides silver jewelry it is possible to create many other products made from silver. Our silversmith has many years of experience in making all kinds of silver products. It is not only important for silver jewelry that it is made with the highest quality silver, it applies to all products that are made of silver. All our silver products are handmade with the same care and precision. This applies to all of our products and to customized products as well, like a silver shoe spoon, napkin holder, bracelet or ring.

It is also possible to process an already existing product in a piece of jewelry. For example, it could be a stone that you would like to have included in a ring, necklace or bracelet.


Are you interested in making your own silver product?

Please contact us by sending an email to

What we need from you:

– (If possible) an outline of the product

– All dimensions (length, height, thickness)

– Other specific elements