Behind Sama Sama Silver

In 2016 I started, together with a good friend, my own handmade silver jewelry brand ‘Sama Sama Silver’

A couple of years earlier, I did an internship in Bali. Once back in Holland, I started missing the beautiful culture, the nature and most of all the people in Bali. This was the moment that I got the idea to start my own silver jewelry business in Bali.

I always loved silver jewelry and being creative. I have a lot of ideas and for me, it sounded like a great idea to design my own jewelry! The idea got more serious by the day, so one day I decided to just do it. I quit my job as a nurse and I started my new adventure in Bali.

I wanted to the jewelry of Sama Sama Silver to fit and express my personality and my passion. The jewelry of Sama Sama Silver is solid but still elegant, beautiful for all independent women. 

Nowadays,  I run Sama Sama Silver by my self. I can put all my ideas in the designs. I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I do!

Love,  Froukje