About Sama Sama Silver

Sama Sama Silver was born in April 2016. Sama Sama is the Indonesian word for ‘You’re welcome’ but ‘sama’ also means ‘the same’. This makes it a beautiful name for my silver jewelry, everybody in the world is the same and deserves the same. I designed the jewelry with passion, love and enthusiasm for everyone in the world and I am very thankful to say Sama Sama when you choose a handmade silver product of Sama Sama Silver.


Sama Sama Silver designs and sells 925 sterling silver jewelry. The designs are made into real jewelry by a professional and passionate silversmith in Bali. All my products are hand made by the silversmith. Every single piece of jewelry is produced with a lot of precision and patience, therefore this process takes a lot of time.

The silversmith of Sama Sama Silver works exclusively with 925 Sterling silver, this is the first grade of silver. This type of silver is also known as the most important and best type of silver for jewelry. 925 Sterling silver means that 92.5% is pure silver and 7.5% is copper, nickel or zinc. The pure silver has to be mixed with the copper substance, it makes the product stronger and more resistant to scratches and damage, and therefore the products have a longer life span. Pure silver is flexible and can easily be damaged, thus pure silver is not useful for jewelry.

All the jewelry of Sama Sama Silver are unique, as all of them are made by hand. The product that you order from us, was made by hand by a young man with great passion and love for his job. He has done a lot of work to make this wonderful, unique piece of jewelry. I think it’s important that you, as a customer, know that this young man is behind the beautiful jewelry of Sama Sama Silver. He makes everything by hand, it takes a lot of time and effort. And that’s why I want to let him know that the work he does is very much appreciated. It is the personal attention given by the silversmith to each product that makes wearing Sama Sama Silver unique.



Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality, handmade products that appeal to a wide audience. The jewelry is handmade by a local silversmith from Bali. I have direct contact with Konang, the silversmith. He is born in Jawa and he owns the talent of making true art of my designs for Sama Sama Silver.  The techniques of the silversmith, who works with patience, love, and precision, results in this beautiful jewelry of high quality, which I would like to share with the rest of the world.

I only design and sell jewelry that I would wear myself.  My taste is therefore evident in each piece of jewelry.


In the future, I want to make more people happy with the purchase of one of our Sama Sama Silver products. I want to expand our product range in a way that there is an appropriate piece of jewelry available for every customer. However, the jewelry will remain close to my style.

The name Sama Sama means ‘you’re welcome’ in the Indonesian language and that’s what I like to deliver. With this name, I want to indicate that I offer the jewelry of Sama Sama Silver to the customers with great enthusiasm and I love to see how happy the customers are with my jewelry. At the same time, I support the Indonesian family through my customers. Furthermore, ‘Sama’ means ‘the same’, I hope I can make people from all over the world happy with the same: my jewelry.