All Sama Sama Silver’s jewelry is forged with 925 silver. This is first grade quality silver and the main type of silver used for silver products all over the world. All the jewelry is stamped with the .925 mark. This mark implies that 92.5% is pure silver and 7.5% is made up of copper. A pure silver product is too flexible and can easily be damaged. The pure silver alloy is therefore mixed with a substance which makes the product stronger, more resistant to scratches and damage and therefore has a longer lifetime.


In order to maintain the high quality of your piece of jewellery, it is important to carefully deal with the product. It is therefore important to understand that silver products can turn black when in contact with salt(water). Sama Sama Silver therefore recommends to take your jewelry off during sports and swimming in the ocean. We also do not recommend  to shower or sleep wearing your Sama Sama Silver piece of jewelry. While using products like perfume or hairspray do not spray this directly onto the piece of jewelry, since this can have a negative impact on the quality of the product.

When your silver product has come in contact with, for example, salt and therefore turned into a darker in colour, you can easily clean it by brushing the jewelry with water and green soap, with a silver polishing cloth or silver polish. Please note that Sama Sama Silver is not responsible for the aforementioned cleaning options.


Sama Sama Silver offers a six month warranty on all its products, this period starts from the moment a customer comes to a written agreement with Sama Sama Silver. The warranty does not cover the cost when the damage is self-inflicted, for example, by incorrect treatment or use of the product.

Sama Sama Silver is not responsible for any effects regarding the opinions on the use and handling of its products by customers.

The buyer is obliged to check the delivered products immediately upon arrival. If it appears that the delivered product is not the ordered product, or the product is inadequate or incomplete, the customer must (before returning to Sama Sama Silver) report these defects immediately by email to Sama Sama Silver. The return of the goods to Sama Sama Silver must be in the original packaging (including accessories and documentation) and in new condition. Commissioning after detection of failure, damage occurring after detection of failure, encumbrance and / or resale after detection of failure, voids the right to claim and return.

If the complaints by a customer are found justified by Sama Sama Silver, Sama Sama Silver will give the customer the choice to replace the delivered goods free of charge or give the customer a refund. Hereby is the liability of Sama Sama Silver and therefore the amount of compensation limited to no more than the invoice amount of the goods or to the maximum concerned amount covered by the liability insurance of Sama Sama Silver.

Any liability of Sama Sama Silver for any other form of damage is ruled out, including additional compensation in any form whatsoever, compensation for indirect or consequential damages or damages from lost profits.

Sama Sama Silver is not liable for damage of the jewelry caused intentionally or by equivalent deliberate recklessness.

The warranty does not apply if:

  1. The purchaser is in default towards Sama Sama Silver;
  2. The customer personally processed, repaired or modified the supplied jewelry;                                      
  3. The customer let a third party process, repair or modify the supplied jewelry;
  4. The delivered jewelry has been exposed to abnormal conditions, other careless proceedings or contrary to the instructions of Sama Sama Silver and instructions on the packaging;
  5. The defectiveness is caused fully or partially by regulations that the government has made or will make regarding the nature or quality of the materials used.